06 May 2011

Staying alive

Blogger fans
The hiatus in my posting is due to lack of space.
I have to pay now to post crap.
So gotta find another way of staying alive

25 March 2011

just another shade of green

con's custom made shoes on crinan 
kusudama origami ball on moss
praying mantis on box 
datura "witches weed" on heat
well known as a love potion, witches brew and toxic hallucinogenic

18 March 2011


issan street food @ house

in the hood 2

black star
the  illustrated man

garden jaunts 2

 wararath st. backyard
 leichhardt steps
marrickville native nursery
strawberry fields wall garden
roof herb garden
 joosts greenhouse, campbell cove

love shack

 the 1830's slab cottage weekender near kangaroo valley
challis st charmer
inverness @ 60 palace st
the local hillbilly shack